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Episode 29


After a little break (Labor Day & my Anniversary) The Drake is back and we make up for it by giving you an extra size episode. After a little Start Wars chat, we jump right back into Knightfall and see how Tim is doing with training Jean Paul and watching his own mentor run himself ragged. Who is really calling the shots, Bane or Bird? Episode 29 looks at Batman #490-491. Plus the Knightfall radio drama is back and Bill Finger finally gets his proper credit for helping create Batman and Robin! Join us, won’t you!


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8 thoughts on “Episode 29

  1. EG

    I wouldn’t be a Star Wars fan without the prequels. They’re not just “Good for what they are,” they’re better than the originals.

  2. EG

    Your fantasy Prequel ideas suck. Lucas is the creator. They were HIS STORIES. He told the story HE WANTED TO TELL. You fools just don’t get it. Shut up about Star Wars. And if you weren’t ancient geriatrics, you’d appreciate Jar Jar. He’s funny when you’re a little kid. C-3P0 is a lot more annoying to me than Jar Jar ever was. If you watch the Clone Wars, by the way, you’ll probably like the prequels better.

    1. Robert Myers

      nothing i do really enjoy the prequels.. i know i’m in the minority but, there is no way id ever say they are better… maybe visually but story wise that goes to the original. i have a feeling that the new films might surpass the classic Star Wars. thanks for writing in.

      1. EG

        Well, you didn’t grow up on the Prequels like I did. I like them better.
        I don’t think TFA will, because from what I’ve heard it’s a rehash of ANH. If that’s what you want, then you’ll be happy, but Lucas did something new and interesting with the prequels. Most people are too stupid to realize that new and interesting is better than the rehash they wanted.
        I don’t give a DAMN what rotten tomatoes or prequel haters like Terrence say. I’ll watch a prequel movie any day over A NEW HOPE.
        As long as Terrance is on this show, I’m not listening. So long, good luck, bye bye

  3. Terence

    Prequels better than the originals? Really? Lets see Rotten Tomatoes has Episode IV at 94% and Episode V at 95%. Episode 1 57%. The first Star Wars received 8 Academy Awards and was cheated out of best picture (Anne Hall? Really?) How many awards did the prequels win?
    And you say ancient geriatrics like it is a bad thing, I am sorry that my vast life experience prevents me from seeing the brilliance that is Jar Jar Binks. I guess the prequels were made for children, that’s why they included so much on trade negotiations and the brutal murder of a room full of children.

  4. Derek (@technicalpirate)

    This is the first episode of this podcast I listened too and that radio drama kicks ass! I need to get it now…Do you guys like how Tim Drake is treated in New 52? Batman beyond is alright in their DCyou push but wouldn’t mind your opinion on DC’s coverage of Tim drake on New 52 on it unless it’s covered in an earlier podcast episode.

    1. Robert Myers

      thanks for the reply! i’m glad your enjoying the how. we are recording in an hour and will read your comment on the air, and there is plenty more of the radio drama to come.. we will also talk about Tim in the new 52 also. thanks Derek!

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