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Season 2: Episode 7: Mommy’s Little Monster

TGC E7 Pic

Join Don and Josh as they battle over “Mommy’s Little Monster”. One of them liked it, the other didn’t. Where did Oswald find all those cosplayers willing to die? Are we one step closer to seeing Gordon’s home? Does he even have one? How will Lee continue to hide her dragon without Jim knowing? Take a listen to find out!


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  • Jason Ritter

    i actually like this episode alot. i really like the Penguin and Eddie stuff in the episode. I also don’t like Theo Galvain in this episode he is like the Darth Sidious of this season it is so obvious that he is not a good guy and no one seem to notice. anyways great episode can’t wait to see what Jim deal with Barbara the frog next week.

  • Dave Z

    As far as Morena Baccarin’s other comic book TV show credits, she’s also the voice of Gideon, Thawne’s computer on The Flash.

    Mixed on this episode. The Nygma stuff was entertaining enough but the main plot didn’t hold together all that well. Good action scenes though, and the scene with the machine gun provided the requisite amount of hilarity to a Gotham episode.