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Season 2: Episode 3: The Last Laugh

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Join Josh and Don as the look at “The Last Laugh”. So…Jerome isn’t the Joker after all, and now he’s dead. What now? Was this all a tease? Did Theo and his sister really sleep together? Why do people wait until they get somewhere to ask why they had to go there? Take a listen to this episode to hear the answers to these burning questions. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • I thought it was a good episode. Killing Jerome so early was a mistake in my opinion. It should have been a mid season finale type of thing. Best episode for me has to be Knock Knock and followed up by Penguin’s umbrella. This episode would be probably 3 or 4 in my top 5. I’ve been enjoying this podcast since the beginning of Season 2 and look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work.

  • Dave Z

    I never thought of the Mask of the Phantasm scene as being anything other than the Joker threatening Andrea. It takes place in her apartment and he says “boopsie”, not “Brucie.”

    A twist on the ending I thought of would be to have the actual future Joker on the show, and when Jerome is mentioned, he just goes “Who?”

  • Good job, Josh and Don! You kept up the energy even if you were recording late at night.