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Episode 30


The official start of Knightfall is here with Batman #492 and Detective Comics #659. Rob and Terence talk and discuss the importance of Knightfall not only to Batman but as the spring board to the Robin title. They also discuss Tim pre-New 52 vs post-New 52 Tim. Plus the BBC Radio Drama will take us right into the action and you will hear Tim’s concern for his mentor’s decisions and the first wave of villains, The Mad Hatter and The Ventriloquist! Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • EG

    You guys don’t understand the Mad Hatter. The point is that Jervis Techt is OBSESSED with Alice in Wonderland and so he does the Mad Hatter thing. He’s got a mental disease or something. If it’s a ripoff, it’s an intentional one.

    Do you watch Arrow? Do you like it? If so, you are watching a ripoff. Arrow continuously rips off Batman stories and steals villains from Batman comics. This season, he’s fighting Anarky, a ROBIN villain.