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Season 2: Episode 8: Tonight’s The Night

TGC E8 Pic

Josh and Donovan cordially invite you to witness the wedding of Barbara the Frog to Jim the Homeless Cop. After the wedding please stay for the reception as we discuss such things as the rescue of Bing Bong and the Riddler’s picnic with Ms. Kingle’s corpse.


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  • I haven’t commented for a few weeks because you said on air that I was writing every week and I wouldn’t want the listeners to think I was a stalker.

    I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet; maybe some of these have been resolved. You mentioned loose ends. Here’s a few that are bugging me.

    Galavan took one of Bunderslaw’s body parts. He’s the Wayne corporate fixer. When will that come back on Galavan?

    Lucius Fox was working on Thomas Wayne’s computer. I’m waiting for a progress report.

    Silver said she had Bruce wrapped up, but it didn’t seem to help getting him to sign over the company. What’s she doing now?

    Why does no one miss Miss Kringle? She seemed to have lot’s of guys talking to her every day, yet no one comments on her missing work.

    The European priest is still around. What’s he doing?

    And, finally, from season one. What’s the secret of the Arkham real estate that Maroni and Falcone fought over?