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Episode 32


Happy New Year!!!!!…..ok not quite yet, but it’s the last show for 2015 and the last time to wish Robin a Happy 75th Anniversary. Terence and I go back to Arkham Knight to talk the Robin #1 One Shot issue. I am also joined a group of friends or surprise guests if you will,(some of which you will know!) as they give Robin some finale Anniversary wishes. Celebrate New Years Eve and Robin’s 75th Anniversary with a BANG!


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  • EG (No, I’m not Ed Grause)

    I HATE the Tim-Barbara sexual relationship. It’s crap. They’re supposed to be like siblings. Barbara is like Tim’s sister. It’s stupid that they put them together romantically. They could have used Stephanie or Tam Fox or another canon love interest of Tim’s rather than screwing up the adopted sibling relationship between Tim and Babs

  • I wasn’t a fan of the Tim-Barbara relationship either in the game. Plus Nightwing is in the game, so what’s up with that???