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Season 2: Episode 11: Worse Than a Crime

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This is it folks! Galavan has fallen, but at what cost? In the fall finale of “Gotham Chronicle” Josh, Don and special guest Ed (from the TBU Comic Cast) ponder all of the cliffhangers.

Is Lee really pregnant or are her pants on fire from lying? Was that a Fish tank in the Indian Hills facility? Is Gordon forever ruined by doing a cold blooded murder? How can Gotham have the stones to make Victor Fries into Mr. Freeze before Bruce has started shaving?

Join us as we ponder the answers and leave your thoughts below. See you in February when Gotham returns.


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  • Josh and Don —

    I got most of my questions answered in the last two episodes. And it looks like Wayne Enterprises may be the focus in the second half of the season; that should get at the rest of the loose ends.

    The show still seems unfocused to me; it goes in so many directions at once that I can’t get enough of any thread to really buy into it. Too much is happening off-screen because we are being shown some other unrelated sub-plot.

    I’m hoping the corporate investigation leads to some cooperation between Bruce and Gordon that will connect them more closely than Jim’s unwise promise from season one. I’d like to see more of Bruce’s training guided by Alfred and a growing bond between them. Bullock and Gordon have to work more as partners or Jim and Lee have to work as a couple; trying to make both work is giving neither relationship time enough to grow organically. Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Zsasz and Mr. Freeze could fade into the background for a while to build up the principal actors and their relationships.

    That’s what I want, but we will see if the producers have anything like that in mind.

  • Evan G

    Hey Guys,
    I don’t know if you’ll check the comments when you come back, but I thought I’d drop some comments on the return of Gotham.
    Mr. Freeze is already better than Schwartzenegger’s version, I’ll give them that. The lack of freeze puns was nice. BD Wong is a good choice for Hugo Strange and The Thing/Captain Barnes is still probably evil.
    My problem with the premier is the lack of Bruce Wayne. Maybe I’m in the wrong here, but I watch this show for Bruce’s story. I feel like I’d rather be watching Supergirl when we get an episode without Young Master B. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but that’s how I feel.
    At this point I’m more excited for the return of this podcast than the show itself. Hopefully next week picks up the Mystery of Who Killed the Waynes and my faith will be restored.