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Season 2: Episode 12: Mr. Freeze

TGC E12 Pic

X-Files is over and Gotham has returned to Fox. How did Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange fit into the show? Did Gordon have sufficient remorse for killing the mayor? Join Josh and Don as they return to Gotham in search of these answers.


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  • Evan G

    This Week’s episode was much better, and I can see that Bruce will have a part to play going forward. I like the moral dilemma he’ll soon be facing on whether or not to go through with the murder of Malone. Hopefully, he won’t, because that would certainly taint the character.
    On the idea of a Batman show, unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen. DC likes to keep their movies and TV universes separate, but not equal. Instead of including different versions of the Dark Knight in TV and Film, they make Gotham, a Batman show without Batman.
    Oh Well. Ben Affleck seems like he could be the best Batman on film, hopefully BvS satisfies the Batman craving.

    Now, I know I’m risking expulsion from this site but I’d like to hear your opinions on a certain red and blue underoos-wearing teenager from a certain rival company.
    Sorry for the long comment, I know it’s a mouthful