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Episode 37



In this episode Tim, Dane, Terence, and Rob talk about Ben Affleck, why the local government on Amity Island couldn't use all the money they were paying Quint on a giant bomb to kill the shark, the Batman: Arkham Origins Collector's Edition, if they could beat up The Batman Universe podcast, and cover the comics from the past two week.



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  • Unfortunately your intel on taking out The Batman Universe Podcast is a little skewed. Ed isn't on the show. And I am going to need at least 4 guys to pin me down. Body slam on top of someone is going to put all of the hurt onto them first. And I will have my 2 co-hosts take all of you with rubber bullets since we know you are now coming. Perfect plan skewed this time around.

  • Rob

    see i knew it!…. fall back.. re-group

  • Terence

    Maybe having you know we are coming is part of the plan…….

  • Lewis Night

    I think Ben Affleck will do great.  Bale sucked as Batman btw,