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Episode 38



In this episode Tim, Dane, Terence, and Rob are joined by Joe from The Batman Universe Comic Podcast to talk about their favorite villain team ups, Williams and Blackman leaving Batwoman where Dane goes on a long rant, Macy's Bathrooms, how Dustin looks like the guy who made Napster, the Batman/Superman movie filming in Detroit, Bruce Wayne's love interest, they wonder if they can beat up The Batman Universe Comic Podcast, and review the comics from the past two weeks.



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  • Donovan Grant

    "they wonder if they can beat up The Batman Universe Comic Podcast"


  • Tim Geraci

    Dustin pointed out the flaws in our plan to take out the main podcast in the last episode, but I think the plan made in this episode to take out the comic podcast is much better, which should give us the victory!

  • The largest hole in the plan this time around is the fact that somehow I am going to be locked up in a Russian prison because I started a Meth lab or gave the appearance that I was cooking meth. Hmmmm…seems more far fetched than the last one. If I some how was locked up I would use my convinicing ways to have Dane and Tim shanked in the prison, formulate my escape and show back up just in enough time to take the rest of you out during the final points of the fight. Also, I think you strongly underestimate Stella's ass-kicking capabilities.

  • Rob Myers

    man i think we gotta battle a head for us… if we were a comic book series we could it "Battle for the Cast"