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Season 2: Episode 17: Into the Woods

TGC E17 Pic

Gordon proves that he’s innocent of the murder he went to jail for. But what about the other murder? It’s an all Disney episode of The Gotham Chronicle as Bruce becomes Aladdin and Penguin becomes Cinderella. Plus: find out what strange secrets lurked in Gordon’s Golden Age home life.


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  • Lauren

    This was an enjoyable episode. It moved a decent pace and there wasn’t much random filler side plots. I do agree that I was a little shocked that the plot line between Riddler and Gordon wrapped up so quickly, I was expecting at least one more episode (which I would have been ok with). After Gordon figured out that it was Riddler all along I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of turn it was going to take, but was delighted just the same.
    The Penguin plot, I actually really liked and found entertaining, but I was a bit disappointed that we basically blew through the idea of penguin having a father and then so quickly killed him off to focus of his weird step family for bit. I will say my first thought when he became Cinderella was “here we go again with the dishwasher plot”, which didn’t last nearly as long as it did in season one. The cannibalism was a bit of a shocker, but if you recall this scene was long foretold way back in season one. If memory serves, it was episode two when Penguin washes out of Gotham Harbor and there’s a poor fisherman with a sandwich and Penguin basically wanted his sandwich and goes Danny DeVito penguin style and bites the guys nose off. He was entirely crazy from the start, he just had to find his crazy again, which he did in this episode.
    Bruce and Selena being street rats together was flawless as per usually due to the actors chemistry together and look they manage to tie Gordon in and make him remember his promise that he clearly forgot about roughly 12 times through the series to Bruce!
    And as always we had our honorable mentions in the episode (the characters in which we as the viewers remember and the writers completely forgot about): Lucas Fox and the pool girl.
    As for Barbra ending the episode, all I have to say is “oh Barbra…” because we all love a train wreck.