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Episode 39


Episode 39 wraps up the first part of Batman Knightfall and finally brings us to Robin #1. But before we get to that, Rob and Terence are joined by the Bat-Fans co-host Tim again to finish part one of Knightfall, talk Batman #500 and Az-Bats, and Tim’s next move. We discuss six books (kind of) Batman #499-501 and Detective #666-668. The BBC radio drama is back to tell the story as well. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Ashley Ctonk

    Ariana not Adriana
    Sorry couldn’t help myself
    Can’t wait to hear you all talk about Robin #1

  • Ashley Ctonk

    If they made Kn8ghtfall into an animated movie they would probably replace Tim with Damian

    • Terence

      I hope not.