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Episode 41: Batman Forever Commentary


Join us this week as Jimi, Joe, and Mike try not to blow their brains out while watching Batman Forever!


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  • Obvious Truth

    Try not to blow their brains out???

    Newsflash, idiots: Not only is Batman Forever a fantastic Batman movie/great film in general, but it beats the absolute living piss out of the actual single worst excuse for a Batman film ever made which is far and away The Penguin Ret–, oh sorry, I meant “Batman” Returns, despite the small fact that he’s barely even in his own movie for the vast majority of its running time which instead focuses on a genius portrayal of “Abused secretary Selina Kyle magically licked back to life by cats before becoming a violent murderer who wears S+M latex suits”.

    And don’t forget about “Humpty dumpty mutant Penguin, who was genuinely raised by ACTUAL Penguins while running his own circus gang in the sewer”, just as Oswald Cobblepot has of course always done throughout all his various TV, film and comic book portrayals over the years…..


    Please gain the slightest clue.

  • Obvious Truth

    Except no and no again.

    • Alex (Obvious Truth)

      First off let me just say that the second comment listed here was me simply typing a random set of words to see if my comments would show or up or not (didn’t realize about moderation rules at the time) so you can definitely go ahead and delete that

      And quite honestly I think i’d prefer if you’d delete the first comment as well now, as on retrospective it’s unnecessarily strong worded with the petty name-calling and whatnot. Just to put it fully out there, the only reason I think I got so heated about these thoughts on Batman Forever is on account of the fact that I just re-watched the original Batman movies for the first time in a while and Batman Returns really didn’t hold up for me in alot of frustrating ways while Batman Forever was still real good overall and definitely a big improvement over Batman Returns for me. But yeah, I realize these things are always very split with half of fans absolutely loving Movie A and violently hating Movie B and the other half of fans feeling the exact opposite. There’s really no right or wrong answer

      Anyway, sorry for being a bit of a stick in the mud and next time i’m definitely gonna follow the rule of not sending messages late at night when feeling the most heated over pointless stuff and always wait til the next morning when things can be said and points put across in a much better overall way


      • James Terzis


        We are all welcome to our opinions, and Batman Returns is not a favorite of at least one of the members of the Bruce Wayne’s World team. However, I think one of the major differences between Batman Returns and Forever is that Returns had a very clear vision throughout, and Batman Forever was sort of a hodge-podge of ideas and goals through out production. As we said in the commentary, it also tried to toe the line between the darker, Burton era and the colorful Schumacher era. That mixture, and not full on neon day-glo is why we felt it was the worse film, and why Batman and Robin was superior. At least that’s how I feel. We welcome open debate here, and being called idiots is worse than being called nothing at all.

        Remember though, your opinion is wrong.


        • Joe Wapo

          Uh, yeah. Think you should listen to the Batman Returns commentary. I quite vehemenantly express my hatred for that film as well. I even blame Burton in equal parts for destroying the franchise. Thanks for listening though. Appreciate the feedback.

          • Alex

            Hey there Joe, appreciate your response and sentiments.

            And full disclosure, I don’t appreciate your response simply because “you agree with what I agree with and the other guy doesn’t”. To me it’s always about the phrasing and level of respect and maturity in the response. Which is why your comment is both much appreciated and respected, while your colleague decided to go the completely other route.

            Anyway, have a good one.

        • Alex


          The beyond laughable irony of your description about Batman Returns being a “consistent” film throughout production and Batman Forever being the “stick random stuff together and hope it works” type of production is basically akin to describing water as dry and the sky as bright pink. It literally takes as much as a basic Wikipedia Article search to be informed of the real obvious fact that Batman Returns did a complete 180 when it replaced its original script writer with a guy who clearly had a polar opposite style in mind, and thus the reason for Returns’ two VERY differing/totally bizarre, bipolar tones throughout the film which range from Adam West’s Batman 66 campfest all the way to violently miserable Dark Knight Returns. AKA the absolute worst of both worlds. Y’no, the actual definition of “hodge podge”……

          Meanwhile, what are Batman Forever’s oh-so awful sins?

          – having an AMAZING Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson combo?

          – a fantastic introduction of Robin into a live action Batman movie for the first time in history?

          – not one, but TWO great villains?

          – an actual coherent script from beginning to end?

          Damn, what a complete failure across the board.
          *rolls eyes*

          The only even half-relevant plot point Batman Forever cut in production was a single, mostly worthless scene of Bruce finding out what was written inside the pointless “red book” mentioned in one throwaway flashback scene. I only became aware of this cut scene for the first time ever just recently, after seeing the movie a couple dozen times over the last 20+ years, and crazily enough my reaction after seeing it wasn’t “FINALLY, the puzzle has been put together and the full story has now been told!!!”. Nope. It was actually more akin to “…………yep…………..so I guess that’s what was written in that red book thing………”.

          Really though, genuinely complaining/cluelessly ranting about Batman Forever of all movies, let alone all the much, MUCH more inferior Batman films in the series to date? Too funny/ironic for words. An educated guess would be that at the time of Batman Forever’s release you were at an age/angsty maturity level where if anything Batman-related wasn’t a near carbon copy of an Alan Moore/Frank Miller version of Batman then it was instantly classified as “worthless garbage” in your eyes. It honestly reminds me of the same type of laughable ignorance used by the Ghostbusters fanboys/man-children with a worrying level of childhood nostalgia that spent the last 2+ years violently/pathetically hating on a harmless reboot by using every beyond pathetic non-excuse in the book to hate on a film they had already made their minds up about YEARS before actually watching it, meaning when it comes to the watching of the movie itself, it’s already a (completely ignorant) zero in their eyes, regardless of the content of the final product itself. Anyway, that’s the type of vibe i’m picking up from you. Just a little FYI ; )

          Now as far as the ranking goes in my estimation, which is sourced mostly by going off impartial logic instead of biased personal preference:

          1. Batman 89
          2. followed verrrrrrrry closely by Batman Forever
          3. then Batman and Robin, as it’s about 10 clicks away from actual good quality, but still a film with at least a consistent plot from start to finish (if nothing else)

          4. and finally >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Batman (barely even) Returns.

          I usually like to take the high road and let just opinions be opinions (even when they are laughably clueless like in this particular case), but thank you for making myself do a complete 180 by now being incredibly proud of my originally made comment and infinitely regrettable of my high road “you can like whatever ya want, buddy” follow-up. Because with that cringe worthy level of immature, crybaby 12 year old that your final line in your response about “my opinion being wrong” completely outed you as, I just had to throw out my level-headed “live and let live” approach and really put you in your place, which you clearly now deserved right form the get-go with no type of apology whatsoever. Funny how things work out in the end, right? lol

          I’ll leave you with these two detailed looks at Batman Returns. One as a very intelligently, and logical, first hand experience of seeing BR in its original release and the soul-crushing disappointment that came from seeing it not only butcher the infinite potential of it’s 5 star predecessor Batman 89, but totally butcher the character of Batman in general from top to bottom. While the other is a simple commentary recapping the movie’s major scenes one by one by a couple of random Batman fans who simply state what is (awfully) happening throughout this complete mess of a film from intro to end credits.

          Funny how there’s no Batman Forever equivalent of their Batman Returns facepalm worthy viewing experience, right?
          It’s almost as if there’s nothing to unfairly critique in that movie when playing it scene by scene. It’s really almost as if it’s just biased, nonsense crying that can’t be backed up with any actual fair and logical facts of any kind…………NAH, that can’t be it, right?!

          Educate yourself, sport. You’re welcome X )