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Season 3: Episode 3: Look Into My Eyes


Penguin’s running for mayor! How is this time different than the previous times he’s done it in other media? Josh and Don ponder that as well as what the heck Thomas Wayne was up to in Indian Hill, the new take on the Mad Hatter and Gordon’s reunion with Lee.


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  • Al

    To counter the comment about Superior Spider-Man, I feel it paints people’s complaints inaccurately. The contention was neither that people didn’t pick up on anything and everything different about Spider-Man when Doctor Octopus was controlling his body nor that they couldn’t easily deduce that he was in fact Otto Octavius.

    The contention was that people close to Spider-Man as well as people with a more casual relationship with him could not pick up on the incredibly obvious signs that something was different and/or wrong with him. Something especially egregious in regards to individuals who did have closer personal relationships with him and were either oblivious to or dismissive of such clear indications that something was amiss.

    With respect I found the comment in the episode in regards to this to lean towards the disingenuous side.

  • I’ve given up on ‘Gotham’. The new season has killed the relationship between Lee and Jim which was the best part of last season. I can’t figure out why they haven’t given the show a clear direction instead of bringing in all these Batman villains.
    I might continue to check on The Batman Universe for reviews hoping to see some change for this show, but as long as they go with “Batman: Son of Frankenstein”, I’m gone.