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Season 3: Episode 4: New Day Rising


Penguin is mayor, but is love in the air? Are he and Nygma more than friends? Did it make sense that Selina saw through who Five was? Is Gordon a better singer than Gwen Stefani? Find out this week on Gotham Chronicle!


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  • Al

    Another counter regarding comments made about Superior Spider-Man.

    It’s true that realistically speaking even in a world of super heroes and aliens, you would not necessarily presume someone who is acting out of the ordinary to be the subject of a body swapping scenario.

    However for the characters in Spider-Man supporting cast who have had direct experience with situations with imposters or other elements which might cause someone to not act as themselves, as Peter egregiously was in Superior (to outside observers), then it would be cause for suspicion and alarm and consequently action on the part of those characters. But such things were hand waved in the story itself.

    It is not asking the characters to be as genre savvy as the audience themselves might be so much as to ask for them to react to the situations honestly given their actual experiences and histories.

    So sure whilst it’s justifiable for characters like Aunt May or Mary Jane to not suspect Peter Parker of being an imposter in Superior Spider-Man due to the existence of people like Mystique or the Skrulls, their own direct experiences with the Chameleon, Robot parents, shape shifting alien symbiotes, clones and genetically altered actresses should realistically cause them to act very differently to how they did.

    For other characters with different histories and experiences, such as Selina in this episode such considerations and reactions don’t have to apply and I feel for her in this specific episode her thinking Bruce was either a different person or had somehow been affected by something would’ve made sense either way.