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Episode 5

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Join your hosts Joe, Nick, Daniel and “Gym-y” as they discuss the latest Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad movie news. They also each present their Top 5 Batman Comics (excluding obvious choices i.e. Dark Knight Returns, Year One, Arkham Asylum, and Killing Joke). Stay tuned after the outro if you don’t mind spoilers, as we focus our conversation on the Arkham Knight game.


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  • jared ray

    Hey guys, I’m enjoying your subject choices and conversations. Keep up the good work.
    There are a few bat stories that I can’t believe weren’t mentioned at all. The Long Halloween being the most glaring, I’m not usually a fan of the way he throws every character imaginable in every story, but it works brilliantly in this one and is my all time favorite.
    Scott Snyders The Black Mirror got me back into reading Batman and is one of the best stories in recent memory.
    The Knight of Vengeance Flashpoint story also blew me away and made me realize there are still great Batman stories to tell. And you mentioned Gothic and Venom and gave a nod to all stories in LOTR, but the series I read over and over as a teen was Prey. First Catwoman encounter, the building of the batmobile,…. I re read it recently though and feel it doesn’t really hold up, but id still put it as a favorite.

    • James Terzis

      Jared thank you for weighing in! The Long Halloween/Dark Victory were a tough cut for me myself. I would say that “The Black Mirror” is Snyder’s best Batman tale.

    • Joe Wapo

      Jared, thanks for listening. Believe I mentioned Prey. If not, it was a definitely an honorable mention. Tough to whittle these things down to merely 5. Definitely recommend giving anything mentioned a read if you are unfamiliar with it (especially my list). Personally, although I enjoyed Long Halloween there are dozens of Batman books I’d place before it. Sorry. My opinions tend to rub people the wrong way…