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Episode 5: Viper

 TGC E5 Pic

Join Stella, Josh and Don as they discuss the latest episode of “Gotham”. What does Maroni’s summons have to do with a giant chicken fight? Is Oswald moving too fast? Is Falcone too blinded by love to see betrayal? Find out as the gang covers “Viper”!


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  • Lady Mary

    I never thought I’d have to say this regarding a podcast on the Batman Universe but Please, Please stop the spoilers for Downton Abbey. I am one of those poor souls that will need to wait until the show airs here in the US. Thanks. P. S. There is a rather entertaining Downton Abbey podcast called “Up yours, Downstairs.”

    Now a comment on the show. I rather like how Alfred relates to Bruce right now. Before the Waynes died, he probably was not very involved in his up bringing since he is the butler. Can you imagine if everyone was murdered and Carson now had to raise Sybbie and George? (I hope that’s not a spoiler!) Alfred may have had very little contact with the lad or much experience with children for that matter. I would find it strange if he, all of a sudden, was Bruce’s father figure and look forward to the growth of their relationship.

    • Sorry Lady Mary! Glad you’re enjoying the show. Love the name!