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Episode 51: Chuck Dixon Interview

To celebrate fifty episodes of the show, we could not have gotten a better guest to celebrate with us!! All I need to say is… Ladies and Gentleman! Mr. Chuck Dixon!


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  • Great, enjoyable episode with a lot of content. Congratulations on the milestone!

    Good recall on the Cray computers! Living in Wisconsin in the early ’80s and having been very fortunate to have met him, I feel compelled to mention Mr. Cray’s first name was Seymour. Along with the bat cave, I think the Official Marvel Handbook in the ’80s mentioned that Avengers Mansion had a Cray computer too.

    – Batman ’66 reviewer/Batgirl to Oracle podcast
    – Bat Books for Beginners

  • Ian Miller

    Truly fantastic interview. Wish we could have found out what Steph would do after she was Robin for six months, though! Hopefully something deservedly epic. (Definitely not dying like a punk in War Games, though. Ugh.) I hope you can get Chuck on for a commentary episode (and because it’s me, one with Steph is my hope 🙂 Maybe #s 15 and 16! Excellent conversation on podcasts being similar to the letter columns of the day, because of the more thoughtful nature of the medium, vs. the instantaneous and anonymous nature of internet comments like this one. 🙂