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Batman: The Brave the Bold: Battle of the Superheroes

TBUC E53 Pic

Join Don and guest, Michael Bailey, as they give commentary on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, Battle of the Superheroes.


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  • Jason Ritter

    Great Commentary Guys are you going to tackle any episodes of 1966 batman tv show of episodes of Beware the Batman?

  • Tom the Turkey

    Great commentary guys! I loved this episode! Although, I’m not convinced that red Kryptonite did anything to Superman. I think he was using it as an excuse. The only reason why he had to face some repercussions is because Batman was involved. Otherwise, Metropolis would just be worshiping him like normal, no matter what he does.

    I hope in the new Batman V. Superman movie, Batman curb stomps Superman’s head at the end. Afterwards, the Justice League should come in to thank Batman, while spitting on Clark’s corpse. Then they should all eat some of Ma Kent’s pie and do the Batusi. And fans thought there was no way to fit in so many characters. Heck, bring in all the Marvel characters! Let’s stop the Marvel vs DC fuss’n and the feud’n. It will be such a monumental event in cinema history! They can even freeze frame the scene, so everyone in the audience can get a chance at it! Although, some parents will have to put their kids on their shoulders so they can spit on the screen as well. Maybe some would be upset for blocking their view, but I’m sure they’ll have a heart for this occasion! I know Superman fans think everyone should be absolutely incompetent and weak, without the help of some superhero who thinks he’s a god, but we’ll show them! We Batman fans believe that everyone is capable of greatness! Actually, Superman writers finally recognized it when they wrote the “World Without a Superman” story. Remember, when Bibbo became an awesome character that inspired everyone around with? I’m convinced if this happens, America will get smarter and become a more inspiring nation by killing off this oppressive “icon.”

    Let’s all give thanks for the Dark Knight Returns for finally waking a few comic books fans up that refused to open their eyes like the rest of the world. Remember what to thank when you cut your turkey! Thank you for doing all these great commentaries. Have a lovely Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • pavel

    Could you do a commentary for the krypto the super dog ace the bat hound episode