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Season 3: Episode 14: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

The Winter Finale (?) concludes with the resolution of the Nygma/Penguin romance, the Jerome storyline, Bruce’s maturation, and Josh and Don’s thoughts on the first half of season three!


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    You can hate on BvS all you want, but at least it gave us a Batman that didn’t run and hide like a little girl every time he got sad. Sure, he crossed a line, but he came back from it. It’s called a character arc. Not only that, but he’s got the best costume of any cinematic Batman EVER, and he’s also had at least one Robin. Nolan was too much of a coward to include all the aspects of Batman’s world, but Snyder and Affleck aren’t. Besides, everyone’s favorite Batman, Michael Keaton set a guy on fire. Affleck only killed by proxy. He’s THE BATMAN. PERIOD. I’m done with you haters.