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Episode 60



In this latest episode I first talk about the summer of hero movies and a chance to be a guest co-host on BTO.  After this brief news, I review Detective Comics #494 and #495, Batgirl #19, and Birds of Prey #19.  The episode wraps up with Babs in the Tube spotlighting 'The Joker's Flying Saucer,' the well-missed Shipper Spotlight featuring Ray Palmer and Jean Loring, and my literature recommendation.



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  • Mary G

    Ok, ever since I've heard that Barbara Gordon has yet another named Richard (Dick Grayson, Ricky and now a Richard) as a potential romantic interests, I cannot stop shipping Congresswoman Barbara Gordon and President Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon.  I believe he was on his way out soon after Barbara came to Washington.  Did their love affair go bad after Batgirl discovered the Watergate break-in?  What do you think?  Hot or Not?