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Episode 65



As the Summer of Co-Hosts ends, I welcome Tom Panarese of Taking Flight and Pop Culture Affadavit to the show.  We review Detective Comics #501 and #502, Batgirl #22, and Birds of Prey #22.  Chris Karnes gives his review of Batman '66 #1, then Tom and I give our literature recommendations.  A special Babs in the Tube and Reading with Stella round out the episode.



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  • I agree with Tom Panarese. Any problems I had with Man of Steel were nitpick things as well. The ending was way too long but I felt like they just chose a guy that "fit the suit" because they thought girls would think he is cute and want to see the movie more. The movie wasn't bad. As far as the sequel, Batman should not be apart of this movie and it should be just a Superman movie, but if they are going to use the sequel to introduce other characters of the JLA, then at least pick an actor worthy of the name Batman.

    Affleck is the worst possible choice they could have made. There are many more deserving and influential actors that would have made a much better Batman. If they decide to merge the Earth 1 batsuit with the Dark Knight batsuit that Christian Bale wore, who by the way, was a horrible choice, it's not Bale that we liked but the fact that we had another Batman movie and that excited us more than anything. But if they merge the two batsuits, it will look more like armor, a knight from the Round Table and it won't matter who is in the suit. Just seeing, just knowing, Ben Affleck, a horrible choice, is now associated with Batman, sickens me. The only reason Ben Affleck went as far as he did is because Matt Damon carried him.

  • Stella

    I respectfully disagree but will discuss it on the next episode.