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Episode 68



Boo!  In this spooky edition of Batgirl to Oracle I do something different.  After discussing the future return of Stephanie Brown in comics, I review Detective Comics #505 and #506.  After the music break, I give the top ten movies or shows that frightened me as a child.  Prepare yourselves for a trip down memory lane as I explore some of the more terrifying aspects of the 90's.



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  • Chris Karnes

    Fine show!  I agree with you about the ID reveal to Jeff.  What was going on there?  Poor thinking.   (And in a few issues, we'll get this scene where Batgirl is jealous of Supergirl when she appears – and then that's his last appearance.) 

    Like you, the Blob scared me as a kid.  I actually saw what could be perceived as a sequel called, "Beware, the Blob" before the original.  There was a Batman connection there as Burgess Meredith (the Penguin) did appear in the movie as a vagrant in an uncredited role.  If you liked the original, I would recommend seeing this version.  I didn't care for the 80s version where the Blob was not something that truly came from space, but rather a governmental warfare experiment. 

    A tv show that scared me as kid was an old show called "Kolchak:  The Night Stalker."  Darren McGavin starred as a Chicago print reporter that happened upon a different monster or paranormal threat in each episode.   The recent remake of the series didn't fare so well.