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Episode 7


Rob concludes the final chapter to "A Lonely Place of Dying" and this episode is a bit different to celebrate Tim putting on the Robin costume for the first time! This time around we will be looking at Batman issue #442 (and 1.5 pages of #443… you'll hear why)…. can Tim Drake save the day…. as the third Robin?… tune in and hear for yourself!



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  • Alex

    Great episode Rob! You've gotten even better with your narrations! I notice you use the gravely voice when portraying Batman, is that what you hear in your head while reading the comics? I remember the first time seeing Batman Begins, and being so happy that Christian Bale used the gravely voice that Denny O'Neil wrote Batman had in his Knightfall novel adaptation. I loved the fireman analogy, and you perfectly summed up why I think Tim Drake is such an appealing character. Although I am nowhere near mental and physical perfection, Batman inspired me to push myself to, and beyond my limits, like Tim. Tim got the role a lot of us dreamed of, and because of that, he became an even bigger source of inspiration. Jim Aparo was always my favorite Batman artist too, but man is Greg Capullo killing it in the current series! Do you have favorite cover by him?

    Thanks again!