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Episode 70



After a few comments from listeners, I review Detective Comics #508, 509, and 510.  After a short break I then review Batgirl #24, Birds of Prey #24, and I have two special reviewers help me out with the Nightwing Annual and Batman '66.  Babs in the Tube, Reading with Stella, and my literature recommendation round out the episode.



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  • Donovan Grant

    I love, Love, LOVE the Filmation Batman series! It works well as an audio drama too! Hope to hear more of it!


    I love your voices for Batman and Robin from the Batgirl novel, hilariously disrespectful! So much fun 🙂

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  • Hornacek

    The Star Trek fan in me must speak out and say that the Borg were in First Contact, not Insurrection.

    I don't know if this was already mentioned in a later podcast; I started listening from the beginning and am still catching up.