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Episode 74

TBUP E74 Pic


Guest Host: Nick Wheatley

Feature: What happens after The Dark Knight Rises?


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:46 Movie News
0:06:31 TV News
0:20:05 Merchandise News
0:20:55 Video Game News
0:25:24 General News
0:27:28 Ask TBU
0:35:50 Feature
1:05:42 Closing
1:08:17 Outtakes



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  • ghost013

    I really enjoyed listening to your discussion on post-Nolan films. I thought there was a lot of good points made. I for one would like to see a Batman Superman film. However, on the other hand, I think it would be better if you guys talked about more recent news. It's almost the end of April and you guys are discussing March news. I found this podcast a bit boring because I pretty much already knew all of the news. What might be better is to release the podcast in the early week of April instead of now.

  • David Riley

    Dustin, you said Ultimate Spider-Man, I think you meant Spectacular Spider-Man.

  • David Cook

    i didn't notice either, that makes two of us Dustin.

  • James T

    Gonna miss Nick, good luck mate!