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Episode 75

TBUCP Episode 75


BBFB: Batman: The General
Discussion: Josh's Departure


0:00:00 Intro
0:03:11 Comic News
0:29:28 Batman: 80-Page Giant 2011
0:40:38 Batman: Arkham City #5
0:47:30 Superman/Batman #87
0:57:36 DC Retroactive: Batman-The 80's
1:09:49 Batman: Gates of Gotham #5
1:22:07 Batman: The Dark Knight #5
1:36:29 Batman Incorporated #8
1:46:36 Batman #713
1:54:31 Gotham City Sirens #26
2:05:57 BBFB
2:14:20 Discussion
2:22:24 Next Time…
2:23:37 Closing
2:25:22 Outtakes



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  • Michel Nadorp

    Hey guys,
    About your review of The Dark Knight #5. I agree that the writing is seriously flawed but giving it a zero rating is overstating it and plain silly. Apart from the script you're totally ignoring the artside of this comic. Stepping in for Finch, Jay Fabok did an excellent  job. The guy is relatively new  and stepping into Finch shoes is very daunting. He manages in catching the dark mood and keepng up the stylized version of Finch' Batman. That deserves some recognition. The coloring is also well done., maybe not as topnotch as the first two issues, which in my opnion was some of Alex Sinclairs best coloring. The inking was also above standard. So this bashing of the comic isn't deserved.
     I also think it's good that this series gets a new number one. It's a new start with a new writer at the helm, a new chance of doing it right this time. Whatever you think about Finch as a writer, he draws a danm nice Batman!

    • I think that you are right to a degree. We do sometimes base our ratings on the writing more so than the art. I think the trouble for me at least is reading a story and not being able to get into it as much as I would like. the art turns into someone who is giving you sweet lemonade when you are allergic to lemons. It is good but in the end it doesn't really matter. Fabok did a decent job at imitating Finch's work, but at the same time, that is what he was doing, mimicking Finch. I can't give a good rating to someone who is trying to make their art look like Finch because Finch can't finish his own art.

      • Michel Nadorp

        Well, there's something to be said for mimicking in this case. Normally I hate it when the regular artist is replaced midstory because he couldn't keep up with the deadlines for whatever reason. When the fill in artist totally ignores the mood, stylistic approach of the former artist it's like reading a totally different comic. Also Fabok isn't a blatant copycat of Finch. He has his own storytelling approach and own take on Batman. He took up the gauntlet of doing an ungrateful task of stepping in Finch shoes. Instead of putting me off, I admired his contribution. I'm keeping an eye on him as he'll artistically develop in the future and wouldn't mind seeing him do more Batman art. The man's got talent.