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Episode 76


After three long years, my good friend Kevin Cushing returns to the show!  Before we get started with the reviews, we discuss the current standing of DC Comics, how much we enjoy Marvel Comics, Arrow, and Game of Thrones.  We then review Detective Comics #518 and #519, Batgirl #28, and Birds of Prey #28.  We briefly talk about The Movement #10, and Chris Karnes reviews the latest Batman '66.  Finally, we wrap up the episode with our literature recommendation.  Stay tuned after the main show for some fun bloopers, and stay tuned after that for a discussion of Game of Thrones with my friend Jason. Be aware that this discussion is SPOILERIFIC!  Do not listen if you only watch the show!



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  • Donovan Grant

    Great show guys!

    I actually own 'Tec #518 and #519. They're collected in the "Batman in the 80s" trade paperback which I highly recommend to all bat-fans. I'm in total agreement that the storytelling was very confusing and Stella put it best when she said they try to have the reader go on very little information. I enjoyed the artwork well enough, but have tried to read those stories over half a dozen times and have never made it through knowing exactly what happens.

    At the (admittedly low) risk of starting a debate, I would counter Kevin's asertion that adding a man onto the BOP is diluting the diversity of it being an all-female team with a question: is diversity defined by a combined group of racial and gender minorities or just different kinds of people together? This is a genuine question that I'm unsure of the answer to. Does having just women make a team more diverse, or does adding a single male to a group of women make it diverse? Comparing a team with a group of men and one woman, that one woman diversifies the team, but it doesn't make the team "DIVERSE" in a sense because the majority reamains to be static. Another way of looking at this is by checking out teams rosters of other comics. The animated Justice League started out with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl and J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter). While the makeup seems mostly male and white, Batman and Flash are the only strictly white males in the team. Clark is an alien and John is black. Diana is a greek woman and Hawkgirl is an alien whose voice actress is hispanic. So comparing it to the current New 52 Birds of Prey, Condor may be a man but he's also a Native American man juxtaposed against two white woman and a Japanese woman (Strix). Does his inclusion make the team less dynamic on the simple factor that he's a man? The team is still seen as a female team, lead by a female and maintained by a female writer. In-universe I don't recall any reasoning why the team needs to be all-female, although there may be a reason.

    I honestly don't agree with the notion that adding a man is detrimental to the BOP team because it keeps it from being all female. I don't think that was ever a demand for the book, it's just how it's been for years. Comparing it to an all-male team with one token female, that is different because there's a history of sexism with all male teams having a minimum of females. It consists of a majority's view of women in fiction and relegates them to the background for all intents and purposes. Having it switched doesn't necessarily lower the value of the majority still being women, because men do not carry more value than women. I do understand the concern for forced sexual tension when throwing a man into the mix, but that doesn't have to be the case either. It depends on the skills of the writer.

    One LAAAAST thing before I run away, how do you think the BOP team might be if NIGHTWING were the only male member? Stella's recollection to Dinah catching Dick in the shower made me ponder this. Nightwing is a bird-related name, in keeping with th Birds of Prey motif. He's a long-established DC character unlike Condor, Creote and Savante. True, he might just be there to make Babs all hot and bothered, and it might be troubling to the team dynamic considering that Dick has lead super hero teams before. But in a world where he'd be taking orders from Black Canary or Oracle/Batgirl, do you think that could be interesting to read?

    Gotta go, gettin' to the edge of the bridge!-DMG

  • Don

    PS forgive the typos, typed this when I woke up first thing in the morning

  • Terence

    Wow never thought of Nightwing in BOP but it would be really cool. I wonder how long it would take hime to sleep with the whole team. He would be a better male member than Hawk, I never really like the way he was in the team, but I thought Dove was a cool addition. I guess the two have to come in a pair.