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Episode 79



Feature: Batman: The Animated Series 20th Anniversary


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:34 Movie News
0:09:02 TV News
0:13:29 Merchandise News
0:20:12 Video Game News
0:28:27 General News
0:31:10 Listener Q&A's
0:47:25 Feature
1:00:57 Closing



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3 thoughts on “Episode 79

  1. Alex Aguilera

    I'm listening to the podcast right now and had to comment before I forget. I too, really liked the Incredible Hulk movie. I personally didn't care for Hulk in the Avengers, except for that great scene with Hulk smashing Loki. His "character" didn't even make sense with how he goes from being on a rampage destroying everything, to just only hitting "the bad guys".    Then again, I didn't  care for the Avengers. It felt like a high budget shallow action movie.

  2. Jon Roke

    Its good to know there are other Hulk fans out there. The Hulk only hitting bad guys is a point taken from the end of the second movie in which rather than being a smashing machine. He recognises Betty and she gets through to him. There is talk of it being expanded upon in the new Hulk movie that is coming out sometime 2014. 


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