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Episode 8


Ok Tim, it's time to go to school and your teacher is Dick Grayson! Come along with Tim in The New Titans #65 as Dick gives Tim a lesson in observation. Class is in session!



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  • Terry Hughston

    Hi, Rob!  Another great episode!  I'm loving listening to these early Tim stories.  Just wanted to tell you that completely coincidentally, I went to a secondhand bookstore closeby that sometimes has comics right after I listened too the last episode where you covered the conclusion of Lonely Place of Dying.  As I was just browsing through old issues, I found all the issues for Year Three and Lonely Place of Dying all marked for a dollar each.  Went through and read them all and enjoyed them even more having listened to your thoughts and reactions.  Keep up the good work!

  • Rob Myers

    thanks so much.. sorry for the late reply… i'm glad your enjoying the show.. i'm having a blast doing it… we are getting closer to Tim finally putting in his Robin costume. sweet pick ups by the way!