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Episode 8


Ok Tim, it's time to go to school and your teacher is Dick Grayson! Come along with Tim in The New Titans #65 as Dick gives Tim a lesson in observation. Class is in session!



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2 thoughts on “Episode 8

  1. Terry Hughston

    Hi, Rob!  Another great episode!  I'm loving listening to these early Tim stories.  Just wanted to tell you that completely coincidentally, I went to a secondhand bookstore closeby that sometimes has comics right after I listened too the last episode where you covered the conclusion of Lonely Place of Dying.  As I was just browsing through old issues, I found all the issues for Year Three and Lonely Place of Dying all marked for a dollar each.  Went through and read them all and enjoyed them even more having listened to your thoughts and reactions.  Keep up the good work!

  2. Rob Myers

    thanks so much.. sorry for the late reply… i'm glad your enjoying the show.. i'm having a blast doing it… we are getting closer to Tim finally putting in his Robin costume. sweet pick ups by the way!

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