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Episode 80



Feature: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1


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  • Alex

    Hey Melinda, I think you're in the majority when it comes to Hulk.  I just had heard from so many people and read how terrible Edward Norton's portrayal was compared Mark Ruffalo and I just wanted to say something.   I recently took out the Avengers at my local library and my opinion changed. I actually really liked it after watching it again. Although I still thought the overall plot and villain was lame, they did such a great job with bringing the heroes together. The first time I saw it was about a month ago, so I had all these super high expectations after being told what was so amazing about it, and being that I was very underwhelmed by those things, I didn't enjoy it. If people are putting it up there as one of the greatest film of all time, I didn't necessarily think it was going to be "the Godfather" of action movies, but people were hyping it up as being a mature comic book movie with the best action, character interactions, and characters seen on film. So right off the bat when I see the main villain saying "You have heart" while poking them with a stick and talking to a Power Rangers looking creature about a cosmic cube, I didn't have the most open mind.  Not that there's anything wrong with it, it just completely caught me off guard.  Seeing the high score on IMDB convinced me to give it another shot and I'm glad I did. I previously did that with a movie I disliked after going into it with misconceptions of what it was supposed to be and it turned out to be one of, if not my favorite movie of all time, Fight Club.
    Sorry for writing so much on that issue! I'm going to make another post about my thoughts on the Dark Knight Returns movie. Great episode guys!

  • dave

    Batman; The Dark Knight Returns part 1 i enjoyed this a lot.  i thought Peter Weller bought a sense of gravitas to the elder Batman/Bruce Wayne that i'm not sure even Kevin Conroy could've bought.  the Frank Miller comic that this is based of was one of the better bat stories out there and easily the peak of Millers work (these days he is just crazy, read all star batman and robin for insight into Millers current insanity) and i thought the animation treatment was very loyal to the source material.  it seems also i'm one of the few that didn't mind the movie adaptation of Year One, having said that after 3 viewings i still don't really like The Avengers so you get used to having difference of opinion with the majority!  
    I'd like to hear a discussion on what animation movies DC would do within the batman universe after part 2 of The Dark Knight Returns.  Personally i'd like to see an adaptation of the RIP story leading into a Battle for the Cowl movie and round it off with The Return of Bruce Wayne.  mixing the stories to work in 3 movies would be great to see and i think Morrisons work deserves that animation movie treatment.  also Hush, No Mans Land(as a series/trilogy) and Knightfall(same again) would be enjoyable as well.
    what about everyone else?

  • Alex

    I thought the Dark Knight Returns Part 1 was very good, but I was kind of underwhelmed. Besides some casting choices, I think they did the best they could. I wish they would have changed it up more or at least changed the art style. Although I liked the comic book more, I'm so glad they took so many liberties with the Under the Red Hood movie, because it made it much more entertaining. It felt like a completely different experience.  The whole time I was watching the Dark Knight Returns Part 1, I couldn't help but thinking that I'd rather be reading the comic. The Dark Knight Returns is easily in my top 5 comic book stories of all time. I liked how they made the changes of more "showing than telling"when it came to Bruce's monologue.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy  Part 2 way more, because I hold the first half of the story in much higher regard then the second half.  I know I'm in the minority with that. I liked it, but I found it kind of underwhelming.  I felt like I went from reading absolute perfection with the first two issues to really good with the third, and then just good with the fourth issue.  I've recently been watching the entire series of 24 and the same kind of thing is happened. If I look at season 6's individual episodes, they're very solid, however, the previous season was so fantastic that it made it look bad.
    When I first read Batman Year One, I thought it was very good and although I enjoyed it, I didn't think it was near being the greatest Batman story of all time like most people. It wouldn't have even been in my top 20 stories. When I saw the Year One movie, I absolutely loved the story. I put it as my favorite comic book story right after Knightfall. It's easily my favorite of the new DC animated movies, and I'd put it at second place under Batman: Mask of the Phantasm for my favorite of all the DC animated films. I guess I'm in the minority again!

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  • Jon Roke

    I agree with you Dave I have pushed for Knightfall a lot (see previous podcasts) I think it would make an excellent movie. It would have done even better if it had been released this year with the Dark Knight Rises. It would have been a great way to tie in the movie. While outside of the box I would like to see them expand the movie range with other Batman characters especially Tim Drake and Babs Gordon. I think they could really make some great stories with them. However I will disagree with you over Peter Weller I think he drops the ball big time as Bruce Wayne/Batman especially in the scene where Batman returns. To me he was devoid of all emotion, its the climatic scene, the one we have been building up to and it felt such a let down. I just didn't believe it. 
    Your not alone on being converted over a story line Alex.  Melinda had the same thing over the Dark Knight Returns.

  • Alex

    I agree with you both on wanting a Knightfall adaption. I would love an adaption of one of the "Demon" stories- Bride of the Demon, Birth of the Demon, or Son of the Demon, but they have to get David Warner to play Ra's al Ghul.   I agree that it would have been the perfect time to release a Knightfall adaptation this year, because of the parallels to the Dark Knight Rises. However, after re-watching The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, and listening to your podcast, I realized how similar The Dark Knight Returns and the Dark Knight Rises was. Just another reason to read and watch them again.  I would want an original movie more than anything, but if not, then one of the bigger stories like Hush, because they tend to mix things up a lot more like with their previous adaptations of bigger stories such as Under Red Hood or Crisis on Two Earths. 
    I had a problem with Peter Weller as well. It's one of the reasons why I kept thinking I'd rather be reading the comic then watching the movie. I think it needed more emotion, like how old Bruce was portrayed by Kevin Conroy in Batman Beyond. It pulls you out of the experience when all you can think of is the actor's portrayal of the character, rather than the character them-self.

  • Jon Roke

    I think the problem with the Ra's storyline is that it was pretty well covered in BTAS and it followed the story closely I seem to remember. I think they would do better to pick up untold storylines. And in my ideal world (and I have tried this) the animated series and movies should form a continuity. 
    Christopher Nolan borrows heavily from various comics especially the Dark Knight, it seems that it sets his tone through the films. I do also think part of it is fan boy service as well. But it comes off better because its relevant to the story line.