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Episode 80


This is it…the end of an era!  Episode 80 finds Barbara Gordon ending her career as Batgirl!  After some listener questions/comments and brief news, I review Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20 and the Batgirl Special from 1988.  I then review Batgirl Annual #2, Batgirl #31, and Birds of Prey #31.  Chris gives his review for Batman '66, and I finish the episode with my literature recommendation.



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  • Donovan Grant

    Poison Ice?



    POISON ICE?!!!!


    Alright, backing up. I totally see why you'd not like the '88 Batgirl Special, as it does have Babs go out in a real meek and mousey kind of way. It's completely out of fear and reads very much like a modern Simone style Barbara. I can't fault it all that much however, as this must have been new at the time to many readers. A female hero feeling crippling self-doubt and facing it head on had to have been new at DC. The word on the street is that Kesel was given notice that Killing Joke was going to happen and she was given this story to retire Barbara before it happened. So the ending was sort of set in stone, but the means in which it happened were up to her. As it stands, I don't dislike it as much as you do, but I can more than see why you wouldn't like it to begin with.


    Also, Babs' parentage was altered because of Frank Miller's Batman Year One. He was originally going to have the newborn baby be Barbara Gordon, but DC said that would make Batman way too old, so he changed it to James Jr. As a result, they altered Babs' parents. Personally I don't find it as confusing but again, I get why others might. Everything just works better if Jim is her true father. I also don't care for the child abuse aspect, as that seems to be trying too hard to make Babs' life harsher and Jim Gordon all the nicer of a parent.


    But seriously…POISON ICE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    • Dan DiDio

      Random off topic question: What did you think of the Man of Steel movie?

  • Dan DiDio

    And what are your thoughts about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film? What did you think of the Ted Kord/Oracle relationship in the pre-New 52?