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Episode 81



Feature: The Bat-Family's Status


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  • Rob

    Tim should have his own book again, and that is where Steph should end up.. that's where she started. At a convention a fan asked what he would have to do to get a Tim Drake in his own book again, the pannel said after DOTF see what happens. So i think things could get better for Tim and Steph could not be too far behind

  • Alex

    I didn't realize how horrible Tim was treated in his origin until you guys discussed it. I really connected to Tim Drake when I was young and have been a big fan since. I can't think of a better young role model in comics. He was a really smart kid who became a hero because it was the right thing to do, not because of some tragedy. I didn't realize how much of a brat he was and I really dislike how he seemed to have "super-intelligence."  A big part of Tim's Robin was that it seemed much more plausible that if a kid worked really hard, it was possible they could become Robin (Of course comics aren't real, but hopefully you get what I'm saying).

  • Alex

    After listening to your discussion on how Joker would react to discovering Batman's identity, I was wondering if you can expand on your thoughts in regards to the Batman/ Joker relationship. There's a lot of people that think most of Batman's appeal is the Joker and Batman is only motivation for the Joker's crimes. Certain things like Joker becoming catatonic when Bruce retires in the Dark Knight Returns, Batman laughing with the Joker in the Killing Joker, Batman carrying Joker's body from the theatre, rather than Talia's  in Arkham City, etc, I don't agree with. Personally, I like how their relationship was handled in the Animated Series, especially in the episode, The Man Who Killed Batman. When the Joker thought Batman was dead, he had funeral for Batman, giving a eulogy which included his line of "Without Batman, crime has no punchline", and then moved on saying, "Well that was fun. Who's for Chinese?" The Joker is an "agent of chaos". He only continues to mess with, or "serve" Batman, as Scott Snyder puts it, because he's the biggest challenge at the moment.

  • jermanie1234

    wean is cassandra in the new 52 universe

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  • Jon Roke

    Thanks for all the posts guys.
    So being rather lazy I am going to reply to all of you in one post. 
    @Rob; I could not agree with you more. For me it would be a great way to make the fans happy, stop Lobdell, and also it would give the book the sales figures that DC understandably want for their titles.
    @Alex; For me the Joker is really complicated and there seems to be a number of fascites to him. He is in a number of ways the opposite of Batman, which is what the film played on. So an agent of chaos. But also he seems to identify with Batman and has sort of imprinted on him.Batman created the Joker and he seems to identify with him, in the same way you will sometimes see on the news someone will obsess over someone and then when that person disappears they will move on and change back to how they were. He is driven to act because Batman is there and when he is not he returns to normality. The best example of this is the Going Sane storyline. That is one of the greatest investigations of the Jokers and Batmans psyche. While he sees Batman as a challenge I don't think if he disappeared he would move on to something new. Its not how he reacted after the supposed Death of Batman.
    @Jermanie1234 as far as anyone knows Cassandra is in Tokyo being the Black Bat. She has made a few appearances in Red Robin and Batman INC before flashpoint. But beyond that no one knows.   

  • Kevin

    I have a ? for the podcast.
    Is there anything that you guys love in anything batman related that everybody hates and is there anything you guys love that everybody loves?
    Thank, keep up the great work and Dustin, Jon and Melina you guys are awesome!