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Episode 82


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  • Alex

    I thought the Dark Knight Returns Part 2 was excellent! I thought they really stepped up their game and it's my favorite of the new animated movies. I was really underwhelmed by Part 1, but maybe it was because I was such a big fan of the first half of the book. However, I liked Part 2 more than the second half of the book, which I wasn't as high on.  The only problem I have is Peter Weller. He sounded like he phoned it in and I think, because it was more action packed, I could enjoy the Batman scenes much more. It helped having less dialogue. I actually really like Michael Emmerson's performance as the Joker.     
         Icycle Jr was all you saw too? I think I saw a couple of Aquaman's in the mix, but that's it. Mattel is awful at putting out figures. Apparently, only half of the 6 inch figures made it to stores and they come with some gimmick priced at $25 a piece. Who were they selling to? Although the toy situation was awful, it's a shame that Young Justice had so many things against it. I don't watch Cartoon Network other than for Young Justice and Green Lantern, but apparently their advertising isn't very good for anything except Adventure Time and Regular Show.
         I like Young Justice and watch it every week, but I have some issues with it. Until recently, I found the overarching storyline generic and I thought it was poorly paced. They kept dragging small plot points throughout the series that weren't that interesting, and teased them for so long until I didn't even care about them. Instead of answering a question, they replaced it with throwing in another five characters, hurting the characterization more.  I think there's a lot of bland voice work and the humor misses a lot for me. Is that "Whelmed" joke supposed to be clever?  These last few episodes have been all been great and if they kept this quality, I'd be happy. Although I disliked the art style and it had a lot of humor that was aimed at kids, Teen Titans, as a whole, is my favorite of the DC animated series. It's the only tv show I was able to marathon through, besides Breaking Bad and 24.  If I was to make a top 25 episodes of the DC animated series, the majority would be Batman the Animated Series followed by a few Justice League and Superman Animated Series episodes. However, watching a series in it's entirety, I like Teen Titans the best.  Over the past couple years I went through the entire DC animated series, which included watching Justice League and Teen Titans for the first time, and if I was to give an average rating of the episodes, Teen Titans won out for me.  I really liked the character development, the overarching storylines, the dynamic between Robin and Slade, and felt that whatever tone they aimed at, whether it be dark or silly, they accomplished it. I feel the same way about Justice League, except the episodes had pacing issues, which they fixed for Justice League Unlimited. The creators of Teen  Titans intent was to make a show that was aimed at a younger audience then Batman the Animated series, and I think they succeeded in making a great show for kids, with a lot of extra depth for adults to appreciate.  Although I didn't like the art style, they did a lot creative things with it, taking advantage of it completely, unlike Green Lantern's bland cg. It was also great getting original takes on characters most people are unfamiliar with. I was just reading Marv Wolfman's New Teen Titans run, and it made me appreciate the series even more. They had fresh takes on the classic stories, which was great for fans. Young Justice fails a lot of times for me when they attempted to add depth to characters. I can't take any dramatic scene serious with Lagoon Boy exclaiming, "Neptune's Beard".
    And the worst catchphrase of all, which completely ruined scences for me: "Hello Megan"
    I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Hitler.
         I think the show has gotten much better with the edition of Blue Beetle, as his episodes seem to have the best writing and tightest scripts, in regards to the overarching story.  Whenever they focused on specific characters, such as the episode with Wally delivering the heart for the heart transplant or with Roy's clone trying to find the real Roy, they produced their best episodes.
    Thanks for another great episode guys!


  • Joe Jinks

    No hate mail from me Jon, but I was wondering what you thought of my reviews of it on the comic cast. I certainly didn't hate the Court of Owls storyline, but I did find it very familiar. What did you think of the 'Death of the Family' storyline now that we have the conclusion?

  • Jon Roke

    I tended to agree with your thoughts on the Comic Cast. It did feel all to familiar like we had been here before and it had been done a hundred times. How often do we see Batman "pushed to his limits"; its practically a by-line now. I felt that much of the story could have been done with the League of Shadows and really it would have been the same story line. I think Scott Synder is very much at his best when writing psychologically for Batman. That is what I liked about Black Mirror and Death of the Family. Those were stone walled psycho thrillers, very remincisent of the old film noir or early horror films. Death of the family had very little action per sae but it still drew me along. I was desperate to find out who was under the platter and why. It made me want to keep reading in a way Court of Owls just did not.  Although I was disappointed that there was no one under it. I think that would have been a great way to ramp up the relationship between Bats and the Joker. However I understand Synder's reasons not to.
    However I know want to hear your review to see what you think of it. 

  • Jon Roke