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Episode 82


In this episode Dane and Tim share their thoughts on the TBU article, “Is it Time to Take the Reigns Away From Snyder?” They also discuss the released photos of the full “Suicide Squad” cast, The “Arkham Knight” Season Pass DLC content and Tim gives a lengthy review of Batman #40 and the Endgame story!


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7 thoughts on “Episode 82

  1. Odavious

    Do you feel BvS needs to do over a billion in worldwide box office for it to be considered the success the DCMU has to have in order for Warner Bros to feel confident about moving forward? Also with the talk of DC not having a Kevin Feige that oversees the overall film universe how do you feel about Michael Uslan taking this role? He seems to have a pretty solid track record having produced all the Batman films,as well as his work with DC comics.

    1. Tim Geraci Post author

      I think WB was disappointed Man of Steel didn’t hit a billion, so in their eyes, if a movie with the two biggest Superheros in the world doesn’t hit a billion, they probably wont feel as confident. They will still move forward if it does at least what Man of Steel did, which is more than most of the solo Marvel movies made. I also think DC/WB needs a Kevin Feige figure to oversee all of the DC movies, and right now I think the closest they got to a Feige is Zack Snyder. I never considered Michael Uslan for that role, but now that you mention it, I think he would be a really good choice too! It probably won’t happen, but he’s more than qualified for the job.

      1. Joshua Paul Hawkins

        I think it was foolish for DC to even think that Superman alone could hit 1 billion dollars as the only hero that has done that is Iron Man and that was AFTER the success of The Avengers. I think the 600k and change it hit was probably a gift horse that shouldn’t have been looked at in the mouth.

  2. Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Thank you for having a respectful discussion of my article and as a podcaster as well on the network I would be honored to be on your show sometime. I would love to have a chance to respectfully refute your points about Snyder not just staying on the book with actual quotes from Snyder in which he says he has numerous times said he was going to leave the book only to stay on because he had another idea.

    Remember I also said that he writes solid Batman stories even though I feel he takes way too much from other writers to build said stories. I just think that this story in canon was a bad decision on DC’s part.

    Again thanks for the shout out and thanks for being brothers in arms in being bat-fans!

    1. Joshua Paul Hawkins

      Let me leave you my contact information. Just search Josh Paul Hawkins on Facebook, I am JPHawkins1047 on twitter, and Josh Paul Hawkins on skype.

  3. Joshua Paul Hawkins

    I’d also like to remind you that I confined my article to Endgame specifically. I never said anything about The Black Mirror as that was a great story. Court Of Owls was a great story although the Lincoln March thing was a little “whaaaaaaaaaaat?” and then I could go on and on about Eternal being a convoluted debacle. But once again I would love to come on to your show and talk the Bat with you guys. Think about it and let me know.

    1. Tim Geraci Post author

      Thanks for checking out the episode Joshua! Sorry if we misspoke and put Snyder’s other stories in your article when you were specifically talking about Endgame, but We would love to have you on and talk more about this subject and Batman in general. I’ll go ahead and contact you through twitter to set up when you can come on. Should be fun!

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