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Episode 83



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  • Alex

       I'm with Dustin on liking Court of the Owls more than Death of the Family. Although, it may not have had the highs of Death of the Family, the way it wrapped up and the different elements it introduced to the universe put it over the top. I thought the first issue of the Death of the Family was one of the best single issues I've ever read and every issue up to the last was great. However,  I was very disappointed with the conclusion of the Death of the Family. Not only was I disappointed that it didn't really have any repercussions, but it didn't even live up to it's own title. It wasn't that I  wanted anyone to die and I was completely happy with a metaphoric Death of the Family, but that didn't occur. It was kind of like if Batman defeated Bane at the end of the "Broken Bat" arc.  You could make a stretch and say Batman, even though he didn't get technically get broken, he was getting "broken down" throughout the story, getting progressively weaker mentally, from battling the gauntlet of villain and suffering from his illness. By the end, even before he encounters Bane, he goes on about how he's ready to die. It would be very underwhelming if that's how the story ended, versus getting his back broken by Bane and literally being "broken", because story telling built it up so much to a climax, reflecting the "Broken Bat" title. Although that story had a lot of great moments if that's how it ended, the story would be much more underwhelming, and not held in too high regard. Although, even if it ended that way at least it added a new villain to the mythos and built on Tim Drake's character. Fortunately that didn't happen. Death of the Family didn't really add anything. I'm not saying that repercussions are needed to be a good story, but it's called Death of the Family and the storytelling built it up to be something with big repercussions.  Court of Owls at least gave us a new villain, the  new history of the Pennyworth family, changed Dick Grayson's origins, made Batman more insecure about his status in "his city" and made him more vulnerable.  I'm curious what new readers thought of Batman's reasoning for not killing the Joker. I didn't like Batman telling Joker he wouldn't kill him for reasons of escalation, contradicting his reasoning in Under the Red Hood, of not wanting to bring himself down the darker path of committing murder. 
    Speaking of adding things to the mythos, what are your favorite elements that were added to the Batman Universe post New 52?
    Thanks for another great episode!

  • Dougie

    hi guys i love the podcast. i agree with jon and melinda that death of family will be a classic but it was a shame they had to release grant morison killing damien at the same time. it like kills what scott snyder was trying to do. my question is do you all talk and meet outside of the podcast? who do you like most? i like melinda joe and jon. i think they should have their own show it would be really funny. i dont no how dustin keeps a straight face. 

  • Melinda

    I liked Batman's reasoning for not killing the Joker, because that would definitely be a legitimate fear for him. At this point, who even knows if Under the Red Hood is still considered canon? I do still think Death of the Family can be great, and with Damian's death hanging over it now, these next few months of issues are going to be really important.

  • Joe Jinks

    I HAVE A FAN!? You, sir, are my favourite listener!

  • Alex

    I think it's a logical explanation, but I don't think he should be explaining himself to the Joker. He just told him how he hates him. Also, the way the Joker works, Batman's just challenging him to do something much worse. With this whole "Jester angle" Scott Snyder is taking, isn't it just inferring that the Joker isn't "serving him" well enough, and he could do better. Batman isn't above lying to the Joker, so why would he challenge him like that? After all that's happened to his family, he's just still further creating a relationship with this psychopath. It isn't like this is one of his first encounters with the Joker. He's been dealing with him for years. It kind of reminded me of a kid in elementary school dealing with a bully. If he want's to continue this war with the Joker, that's fine, but it's irresponsible of him to do it, when others are involved. And he's saying it, while his family is possibly killing each other in the other room!