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Episode 83


In this episode of the Bat-Fans Podcast, Tim is joined by fellow TBU Podcaster Josh Paul Hawkins to talk more about his article “Is it Time to Take the Reigns Away From Snyder?” They also discuss the recent batch of “Suicide Squad” set images that featured Joker and Harley, the live action “Arkham Knight” trailer, Convergence and DC continuity, as well as review “Batman: Earth One Volume Two!”


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  • Josh Paul

    It was my honor to be on this show. And thanks to anyone who listens. I bought a new mic this weekend so next time I come on I wont sound like I am recording in a mall bathroom stall. Anyhow, thanks for letting me share my love of the bat and I am totally willing to discuss any questions or comments. I have facebook.com/milkcartonreject twitter is jphawkins1047 and email jphawkins1047@gmail.com.