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Episode 84



0:00:00 Intro
0:01:09 Movie News
0:11:23 TV News
0:34:05 Merchandise News
0:42:36 Video Game News
0:50:42 Listener Q&A's
1:25:35 Closing



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  • Kevin

    2 ?s:

    I was wondering that if you guys were the actually Batman Universe, what characters would you be?




    Out of all the batman storylines, which would be in you top 5?

  • Kevin

    …Oh and by the way Karl Urban is my pick for a new Batman.

  • dougie

    omg I cant believe you read my comment out that is totes amazing. Thanks guys I agree with you guys that it is joes dead pan delivery that makes it good podcast. it is fun when you disagree cause I dont think you should all agree as it is boring then. but I agree with kevi I think karl urban is a good pick for batman. but I hope that they dont reboot it and use joseph gordon levit as batman. it would be a nice continuity and I like the idea of everything happening in the same universe like marvel.

  • Alex

    Great episode guys!

    I was curious on what is your favorite Batman figures or collectibles you own. Also, what Batman story do you think did  the best job to showcase why you love Batman and what is the best story to showcase your favorite villain? It doesn't mean it's your favorite Batman story or favorite story of the villain, just a story that shows why you love them so much.

    Thanks a lot!