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Episode 85



0:00:00 Intro
0:01:28 Movie News
0:30:06 TV News
0:40:36 Merchandise News
0:46:06 Video Game News
0:56:05 Listener Q&A's
1:26:33 Closing
1:31:48 Outtakes



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  • jason ritter

    great podcast i enjoy listen to it every month . my question is if the people making the batman reboot bring in the riddler who would want him portray as or update him for the new film and who would you like to play that verison of the riddler?


  • dougie

    hi everyone another great podcast thanks for reading my comment. i agree with dustin about the justice league movie and the other films all the other characters just arent strong enough to support seperate films. How would u do link all the films amd what would ur justice league movie be about? mine would feature darksode amd i would just have batman and superman as the films amd then have the other characters appear as cameos.

  • Alex

    Great episode guys! It's unfortunate about the Teen Titans show. I tried watching the first episode, but wasn't enjoying it, so I stopped.  I decided to try again and I finished the episodes, but I just decided the show wasn't for me. It doesn't bug me that the shows on though. If it make little kids happy and teaches them some good morals, while being a gateway to the DC Universe it makes me happy.  I tried multiple times to get through episodes of Family Guy and couldn't get half way through them, because I thought they were so awful, and I never saw any redeeming qualities.  Heck I thought the Teen Titans episode was far better than the DC Robot chicken special, which I don't know what audience that show aims for.  It's too inappropriate for kids and too immature for a teen or adult in my opinion. It's unfortunate that Cartoon Network couldn't afford continuing Young Justice and Green Lantern for us who like more depth and maturer themes in our shows, but how many of us were buying the merchandise to help?

    Anyways my questions for you guys. What are you're top 5 DC heroes and villians? I'm curious to see how many spots get taken up by characters from the Batman Universe. Thanks a lot!