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Episode 86



BBFB: Batman: Troika


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:49 Comic News
0:34:42 Batwing #6
0:47:05 Detective Comics #6
1:02:16 Batgirl #6
1:18:09 Batman and Robin #6
1:28:23 Batwoman #6
1:38:36 The Huntress #5
1:50:02 Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #5
2:02:23 BBFB
2:10:58 Next Time…
2:12:28 Closing
2:14:26 Outtakes



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  • Michel Nadorp

    Hi. How come this podcast was posted on tuesday last week but it says that it's posted on feb 17th? As it is it's rather a monthly podcast instead of a biweekly one…

    • The comic cast comes out twice a month. For all but two months a year it is bi-weekly. Sometimes the episodes may post late, but they are for a certain period of time and have specific dates that they are released on.

  • Michel Nadorp

    It must be a time consuming and laborous job to do the podcasts. Especially the editing. I appreciate what you're doing, all of you, a lot!
    All the best!

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