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Episode 86



BBFB: Batman: Troika


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:49 Comic News
0:34:42 Batwing #6
0:47:05 Detective Comics #6
1:02:16 Batgirl #6
1:18:09 Batman and Robin #6
1:28:23 Batwoman #6
1:38:36 The Huntress #5
1:50:02 Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #5
2:02:23 BBFB
2:10:58 Next Time…
2:12:28 Closing
2:14:26 Outtakes



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4 thoughts on “Episode 86

  1. Michel Nadorp

    Hi. How come this podcast was posted on tuesday last week but it says that it's posted on feb 17th? As it is it's rather a monthly podcast instead of a biweekly one…

    1. Dustin Fritschel

      The comic cast comes out twice a month. For all but two months a year it is bi-weekly. Sometimes the episodes may post late, but they are for a certain period of time and have specific dates that they are released on.

  2. Michel Nadorp

    It must be a time consuming and laborous job to do the podcasts. Especially the editing. I appreciate what you're doing, all of you, a lot!
    All the best!


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