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Episode 87



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7 thoughts on “Episode 87

  1. Alex

    Thanks for another great episode!

    In regards to all the new Batman 66 merchandise, I'm curious if people are going to put their money where their mouths are. Hopefully, it's not a situation like with my dad. I heard for about 10 years how great Laurel and Hardy was and how it was such a great comedy and blew all this modern stuff like the Simpsons out of the water. So for Christmas  I bought him a DVD set.  When I gave it to him, he had the most underwhelmed expression ever. I ended up getting rid of it and he never mentioned Laurel and Hardy again. Lucky me! Anyways, although I don't care for the '66 tv series, I hope it makes people happy.

    I went in hearing so many complaints about the Man of Steel movie and how it was terrible and a betrayal of the character. Every complaint I heard, turned out to be something I loved about it. Actually, it turned out to be everything I wanted for a Superman origin movie, and I didn't even know I wanted. If you would have asked me what I wanted previously, it probably would have been just a complete retread of the Animated Series or 1986 Man of Steel reboot and then I would have compared it to that, and said how the comics did it better. Man of Steel is what I would have wanted out of the New 52 for a Superman reboot. I think it's the perfect launching point for the DC Universe. I want them to take their time and make a Man of Steel 2, then a World's Finest-Superman/Batman movie and then launch into either a Batman or Justice League film. I don't want them to rush and make super shallow formulaic movies in order to fit them into a team up movie, like the Marvel movies. People complained about Batman Begins and said that Batman 1989 was way better, saw The Dark Knight and loved it for having a more original story with and focus on a popular villain, and then years later when the trailer for the Dark Knight Rises trailer came out people complained about all the little plot holes and said how amazing the first movie was because of how brilliantly it established the character. I think the same thing is going to happen. I think it's one of the most mature comic book movies, if not the most mature. I think people want every little thing explained to them, and I was very happy they didn't insult my intelligence. It's the first movie since Fight Club, where I couldn't stop thinking about all the subtle layers of depth and I love having to interact more with films. I was surprised to hear hard core comic book fans complain about the jumping around, because we're already trained to use closure while reading the story, jumping from panels. Everything you guys said, I agree with 100%. And the thing with Superman killing. People act like Superman held Zod's eyes in place. All he had to do was look at the people to kill them, but was taunting Superman.

  2. Jason Ritter

    Hey Guys Great Episode now that man of steel is out how would Bruce wayne/Batman fit in this Movie universe ? and how would The events from man of steel affect Batman in this universe? anyways keep up the good work

  3. Alex

    I forgot to ask. I've seen so many people complain about Man of Steel for being a bad Superhero movie, but a great Sci-Fi movie and The Dark Knight movies being bad Batman movies, but a better thriller and drama movie. However, because they have a superhero in them, they are deemed bad. I hate seeing this. If it's a great movie that has a superhero in it, to me it's a great movie. I don't think a movie should conform to any pre-conformed notions, as long as it is marketed correctly. I also don't like when there's a plot hole in the movie, it's excused as "hey it's comics". There's so many non-comic movies with plot holes or have elements far sillier than any comic I read. If anyone's read the Ultimates story, you can see how the Avengers movie was just a super watered down Disney-esque version of a really serious and mature story, dealing a lot of interesting political elements and a dark character study, similar to Watchmen. So having said all that, what do you all feel a superhero movie should be? Thanks guys!

  4. Jason Ritter

    With  A man of steel sequel with batman being conformed do you think they will bring in a batman villian in this film? if they do who do you want it to be?

  5. Adam Rogers

    I also loved Man of Steel! I had problems with a few of the specific choices they made, but only made me a little uncomfortable. They didn't ruin the movie for me–not even close! It saddens me that so many people dislike it. It's gotten to the point that I think people are just desperate for something to complain about :'C. And love how the reworked, basically they just reworded, how his powers work. How it's not about the COLOR of sun, but that it's a younger sun–which is the same thing, but not cheesy comic book speak. I also like how the atmosphere also affects him, the air is a bit different so it's actually harder for him to breathe it at first. It's also interesting you don't have to put him under red sunlight to make him weaker, but simply make him breathe Kryptonian air whil cut off from our sun. It makes it a bit more realistic. While it is still pseudo-science, it's closer to actual science than the simplified version we have in the comics.

    Also, I know it's been a while since this was brought up, but my choice for a Batman actor would be Josh Brolin. He's got a good face and a good physique (I actually think he looks a lot like Bruce Wayne–probably as close as you can get to how he's been depicted in the comics over the years). If you've seen any of his movies you know he has dark, brooding and hard-boiled down pat and if you watch any of his interviews you see him act the way you'd expect Bruce Wayne to act! My second choice would be Karl Urban, as someone else suggested. Both for the same reasons, but if you wanted a youger actor you could go with Karl Urban. I don't think he looks as much like Bruce Wayne as Josh Brolin, but he does still have a strong face and he has the perfect voice for Batman in Dredd. Josh Brolin did a similar voice when he played Jonah Hex as well. So both actors would be a brilliant choice if you ask me.

    I apologize for the long message, but when I start talking about something, I find I have a lot to say, lol XD.

    1. Adam Rogers

      Also, I really like the idea you guys presented a while back of having Batman play Nick Fury-type of role in the DC movies, by placing in the background as an easter egg during each film and then having him show during/after the credits to round each hero up. And REALLY hope they don't actually just drop a Justice League movie without building up the characters first–at least with a Wonder Woman movie and better Green Lantern movie and some way of establishing the new Batman–be it with his own new film franchise or just in the other characters movies–both as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

      1. Adam Rogers

        Sorry, one more thing; I didn't think the Green Lantern movie was a horrible as most people thought, just that the story was a bit lacking. I absolutely LOVED the visuals. Making the Green Lantern uniforms and constructs (since the uniforms ARE in fact constructs) completely out of CG was a brilliant idea. It makes it look a bit surreal–which is perfect because the constructs–including the more detailed solid ones are nothing but light. That's the one thing they keep the way it was from that film, even if they scrap everything else for a new film.


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