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Episode 88



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  • Alex

    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate all the work you do.
    I'm really dissapointed in Mattel as well. I saw on Big Bad Toy Store, that they're selling the subscription based DC Universe figures for $35 plus shipping and the larger figures for around $70 plus shipping. I think that's ridiculous. If you're part of the subscription, it's very disengenous to ask people to spend around $250, and not even tell you what you're getting.  On top of that, they entice people with highly demanded characters, and then force people to get characters like Bat-Zarro. It's not right.  And I'm sure a lot of people really like the green suited/red goggled look for Doomsday, but they know people want the classic "Unleashed" look and are teasing people with that you have to get to "Tier 2" garbage. They spent all that money for all that new tooling, just to taunt people like that. Those are your fans! And for those super expensive prices, a lot of them are just headswaps and new paint jobs. All they had to do was use that Mr. Terrific figure and add a new headsculpt as usual, but no they gave fans the Grant Morrison pill head version of the Red Hood, instead of his most recognizable costume. It's not good from a business standpoint, because it's not cheaper and only extremely die hard fans  are going to pay that insane price for neither a classic or current version of the Red Hood. And with the new line- The only reason why it would appeal to younger kids is because they're cheaper, therefore parents might buy them 2 figures instead of one.  I bought the 2003 Mattel Batman because I was so happy to see a Batman figure that could actually bend it's knees and move it's arms in an out.  Sure it cost more than  Marvel Legends who for gave you a comic, a massive build-a-figure piece, and a figure that was so articulated you could even bend individual fingers for $6 with a much better sculpt, but I wanted to show my support for Mattel for the direction they were taking. Then I was so happy to support them when I saw the DC Superheroes come out. Now, not so much.

    I really want to see Robin in a movie, but I don't know how it will work if they tie it into the new DC movie continuity. If it was a stand a lone or it's own series, they could go for that "trapped in time-40's look" like in the Batman Animated Series. If they are going to do it, then I don't think the circus is going to work, because I don't think circuses are that popular, let a lone, a popular place for billionaires. Maybe the Grayson family could be actors in some production, so that they could keep the performer angle. Then they can use flashbacks to tie it into Batman's origins, like in Batman Begins, and show how his parents died after leaving the theater. Then he could confront him, and continue with the Robin's Reconing flashback route. Then it won't seem so awkward.  Or maybe that's a horrible idea.

    What kind of look would you like for the new Batman movies? Costume ideas, atmosphere of Gotham, level of grittiness or darkness, etc?

  • Jason Ritter

    Hey Guys Another Great Episode which Zack Snyder and Co. looking for an older batman in his 40's Who would be your Top 3 picks to play Batman? Keep up the good work.

  • Kevin

    Actually now that i think about it Brad Pitt would a good choice to play an older batman

  • nate

    hi my name is nate i love your podcast andthe others ummm im 14 and would love to be on the show if you could tell me how i do have turtel beach headphones and a computer thanks for the alsome podcast maybe you could give me a shout out and what are all of you guys favorit robins mine is tim drake thanks agin

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  • Jason Ritter

    I Herd that  Timothy Dalton is Rumored to play Alfred plus I liked the Alfrid who used to be in MI6 and Plus James Bound As Alfred you can't say that would be cool what you thank? is this a good choice? if not what are your choices to play Alfred?