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Episode 9: Harvey Dent

TGC E9 Pic

Stella, Don and Josh are joined by “The Batman Universe” Senior Editor Dustin to discuss the episode “Harvey Dent”. In this double sized episode (no pun intended) the gang talks about the chemistry between Bruce and Selina, Oswald’s keen sense of smell, Barbara Keen’s drinking problem and more.


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  • Alex

    I love the podcast! This was my favorite episode from you guys. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about the actual “Harvey Dent” episode. I’ve been very disappointed in the show since “Penguin’s Umbrella.” You guys are hilarious. I love how Josh’s mind is like a steel trap, and wish he would become more involved in the Batman Universe again.

    My only question is- What do you have so against the Balloon Man, Dustin? I hope you return on the cast! You all have great chemistry!