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Episode 90



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0:02:06 Movie News
0:12:54 TV News
0:43:21 Merchandise News
0:45:10 Video Game News
0:50:20 General News
0:51:37 Listener Q&A's
0:55:29 Closing
0:59:17 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    Great episode guys! I'm looking forward to hearing the Arkham Origins special.  I didn't like Bane's portrayal at all in the previous Arkham games, so I'm excited to see him done more justice. At least I would hope so, because they would probably want to make it closer to the Dark Knight Rises. I hated how they made him a 5' 6" guy, who bloats up to a stupid 9' 2"  teddy bear obsessed brute. Bane is my all time favorite villain, and although I love the Venom for the original Vengeance of Bane/Knightfall storyline, I would rather them adapt the pain suppressent version from the movie, so they bad writers wouldn't rely on "cutting the venom tube" technique.

    I just saw that the new DC Total Hero line figures are being priced at $13 retail. I thought they were going to be much cheaper to appeal to kids. I hope it does well for Mattel. The last 2 Arkham figures released by Mattel looked pretty impressive!

    I stopped watching Beware the Batman. I really like the first two episodes, but started to like them less and less. I haven't been interested in the plot or the humor.