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Episode 91



0:00:00 Intro
0:02:31 Movie News
0:29:06 TV News
0:43:17 Merchandise News
0:49:14 Video Game News
1:00:42 General News
1:02:09 Listener Q&A's
1:25:31 Closing



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  • Kolt Marquardt

    Hey guys, so I want to ask a question about collecting as an investment. In episode 92 you brought up how certain Lego sets can be good investments. I have only recently began reading and collecting both Trades and comics and because of this I had to start reading the Snyder Batman series in the mid 20’s issues. I would like to collect all of them in order to have a complete series, but many of the early issues are 50-70 dollars. Is it worth it from an investment standpoint to have a complete series? Hope to hear from you soon! I also just want to say thanks for giving me such an outstanding resource to learn about not only Batman but all of his universe! Keep up the good work!