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Episode 91


In this episode, Dane and Tim are joined again by Josh Paul to discuss some of their favorite pieces of Batman music from over the years. They also talk about the rumored Batman V Superman screening for the Warner Bros. executives and the possibility of a new Batman trilogy with Ben Affleck, why Fantastic Four bombed at the box office and review some the latest Batman comics, including Batman #43!


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  • Guy

    Guy’s, Greg Capullo’s Awesome! Chris Burnham too!! I just had to say my piece about that. Here’s a Question… If you had the chance to write a Batman story, What would you’re story be about? It’s hard to think of something that hasn’t already been done. Really enjoy the podcast and thanks for talking the BAT!

    • Tim Geraci

      Thank you! And for the record, I do love Capullo’s art, just not a big fan of Burnham. Great, question though! It’s a tough one, but we’ll definitely try to answer it on our next episode. Thanks for listening!