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Episode 92



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  • Alex

    Great episode guys!

    I was really interested to hear what you guys thought of the titles for the Man of Steel sequel. I'm kind of worried about the tone, because of them. Even after watching the Man of Steel blu ray, I still really like the movie, and although I love Batman, I wished he was only going to make a cameo or after credit appearance, because I wanted to see them develop the Superman character and his universe. I actually really liked the long fight at the end, because I thought their was a good purpose for it, and if it was any shorter, I would have been disappointed. It's a battle for Earth! It was his introduction and I was hoping the next movie to be much more intimate and I thought it perfectly set up for a lot of political elements with Luthor. I hope they don't go the Marvel route with all the characters acting like clowns, because of the feedback of Man of Steel. I hope adding Batman is going to be a big enough boost, so they don't have to go with the cutesy humor and cartoonish banter of the Avengers and recent Marvel movies. I loved the first Iron Man movie and enjoyed the second, but I think the Avengers success made Marvel switch the tv and movie universe to that tone, and that's why I hated Iron Man 3.  It's a shame, because they had a great show with Avengers: Earth Mightiest heroes, which had humor, but it was respectful to the characterizations and didn't rely on it for good stories, and dropped it for Avengers Assemble, a show I barely finished the first episode. Actually, I don't think I did.  It's why I stopped watching Beware the Batman. I really dug the first few episodes and then it got silly. I don't know if you guys remember, but I wrote a few times about me loving the 2003 Teen Titans show. It had a lot a humor aimed at a younger audience, but from the art style, you could clearly see it was aimed at a younger audience, and I could ignore it if I didn't like it because of that.  I know some of you didn't care for it, but I thought Dick Grayson was pretty awesome in the show and I really enjoyed his relationship with Slade.

    In regards to the critisms on Watchmen, I agree it had a lot of problems, especially the slow motion and music placements, but it appeared to me that he really loved the source material. I appreciated his efforts to try to bring the comic to life and taking far less liberties than most directors. I know it's a sacrilige to a lot people, but I thought his ending was much better than the comic.

    What is your favorite characterization of a character from the DC animated Universe that you wish was in the comics? I really like their version of Tim Drake, being a mix of Jason and Tim's personality. At least, that's how I saw him. I also thought their Dick Grayson as a mix between Dick and Tim. Although, I wouldn't want the Return of the Joker events to carry over, because I don't want to see Tim grow into a bitter tormented old man. We have to much of that kind of stuff already!



  • Alex

    Wait forget that! I love Tim's characterization in the comics. He's been second favorite Batman Universe related character because of the comics. I'll come up with a better one and if I don't get back, go with anyone, but Tim!

  • Alex

    I'll go with Joker. I really didn't like Alan Moore's version in the Killing Joke. I liked that he was a gangster before his accident, which was shown in the Mask of the Phantasm. That's still my favorite comic book movie.

  • Twiztidcowl

    Why is John even a fan of DC, I don't think I have ever heard him say anything positive about any subject to do with any of the stories or characters. I find him to be the only adverse aspect of your guys show.