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Episode 92


In this episode of the Bat-Fans Podcast, Dane and Tim talk about the idea of the Batman franchise becoming a single cannon story throughout all media. They also talk about the Tumbler coming to Arkham Knight, as well as the sad news about the passing of both Leonard B. Robinson and Yvonne Craig. They also hear from the listeners on a variety of topics and review some of the Batman comics from the last two weeks!


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  • Guy

    Hey Bat-fans,

    I loved your Batman story idea’s. Very cool! I just wanted to write and let you know how awesome I thought Batman #44 was. The origin of Mr. Bloom, so cool! And Jocks artwork was amazing, he needs to stick around. What do you think? Thanks again for another great podcast. Also, I wanted to give you guys a review on I-tunes, but I never use it. Do I need to make an account? Then what do I do, search Bat-fan podcast? Let me know. You guys deserve a five star review!!!
    Thanks again.

    G U Y

    • Tim Geraci

      Thanks for the kind words Guy, and glad to hear you enjoy the show! We actually just finished recording our next episode, so you’ll definitely hear our thoughts on Batman #44 when it goes up. Thank you too for wanting to give us an iTunes review, it’s much appreciated! Yeah you would just need to create an iTunes account, and then you would search for Bat-Fans, click reviews, and then click write a review, and you’ll be good to go!