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Episode 93


In our latest episode, Dane and Tim talk about their favorite Batman toys and merchandise they’ve collected over the years as Bat-fans. They also discuss some new rumors about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Tim’s Force Friday experience at Toys ‘r Us, how actors Sean Bean and Eva Green die in almost every movie they’re in, Dark Knight III: The Master Race and review some of the latest Batman comics from the last two weeks, which includes a lengthy review of Batman #44!


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  • Guy

    Hey Guys,

    Another great Podcast! I new you would love Batman #44!!! Just to let you know , it turns out my wife had an I-tunes account so I used her account to rate and review your podcast. Let me know if it worked? I called my self The Bat-Guy.

    Anyway, I wish they would do a new Batman Animated series based on Ben Affleck’s Batman. What do you think? Sounds cool doesn’t it?

    Till next time. Same Bat-Fan time same Bat-Fan podcast!!


    G U Y