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Episode 93



BBFB: Batman: Bane of the Demon


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:30 Comic News
0:24:27 Batwoman #9
0:36:14 Batman Beyond Unlimited #4
0:44:08 Catwoman #9
0:56:56 All-Star Western #9
1:06:49 Batman Incorporated #1
1:28:05 Birds of Prey #9
1:45:02 Batman: The Dark Knight #9
1:58:40 Red Hood and the Outlaws #9
2:09:44 Nightwing #9
2:22:51 Batman Annual #1
2:52:23 BBFB
2:59:36 DCU Spotlight
3:06:23 Next Time…
3:07:33 Closing
3:09:42 Outtakes



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  • ghost013

    1. If the Dark Knight Rises is successful and Bane is positively received, how much do you think will the movie influence the character appearance or personality wise? For example, Hawkeye from the Avengers had his costume updated in the comics to match with his appearance from the movie.
    2. Out of all the new 52 Batman family villains, which rogue do you see could potentially be a permanent part of the Batman mythos. 
    3. If Young Justice gets a third season, should there be another timeskip?